Give Your Home a Classic Touch With Patina Wood Floors

Wood has always been a popular traditional material for interior design. With the increased use of hardwood and softwoods, many styles have been produced and the ones that are interested in interior design has just fallen in love with it. The wood varieties used for decoration purposes has recently been the latest fashion of 2020 and designing and decorating purposes. Interior design ideas are now being associated with wood materials. Let’s see what wood interior design ideas look like:

  • Living room: With wood interior design living room, you can make it look like you are in a cottage. The living room is the first part of your home. You can do many things with it such as having wood furniture, wood flooring and wood interior design ideas. This can give your living room a comfortable, warm and homey feeling. You can decorate your living room by putting up wood flooring and wood furniture.
  • Cabinets: For your cabinetry, wood interior design ideas can either make it or break it. You can choose from a variety of wood such as oak, pine and cherry. These types of wood provide elegant appeal and good storage for your household items and gardening tools.
  • Kitchen: Using wood as interior decorator should be the first decision for any homeowner. It gives the kitchen a warm, cozy and homey feel. Many wood interior design ideas include wood flooring, wood cabinet and wood support beams. The kitchen should be airy so that cooking will not cause any temperature changes. There should also be enough space so that you can move around easily.
  • Room Furniture: Wood flooring and wood cabinetry are only a few examples of wood furniture that will add to the charm and appeal of the room. But when it comes to wood furniture, you can play around with different wood grains and wood patterns. For example, you can choose to go for dark wood grain patterns to have an inviting effect on your room. You can also go for lighter wood grain patterns to give your room a more modern interior design.
  • Lighting: Using wood furniture, especially wood floors will create a warm and relaxing environment for you. It is also a good idea to use wood furniture in your bedroom to maximize its functionality of space. For example, if you use wood furniture in your bedroom, you can place small paintings and mirrors to bring more beauty and elegance into the room. This will add more character to your room and will give it a contemporary design.
wood interior design

Natural Wood

Natural wood materials have a lot of benefits, but they come with certain disadvantages. Wood is highly susceptible to pests and insects, which could eventually cause wood to decay and deteriorate. Wood floors also wear off easily due to foot traffic and because wood is very sensitive to changes in temperature. These are some of the reasons why most homeowners tend to go for other types of interior design like metal and glass to enhance the beauty of their homes.

One good solution is to achieve a wood flooring that has a patina or a natural wood look through finish and treatment. A wood floor with a patina shows dust, sand marks and scratches which give it a more classic and traditional look. When wood floors with patina are properly maintained, they can last a lifetime. You will only need to maintain them once a year or every few years to keep them looking new and good. To achieve wood floors with patina, professionals can be hired to apply a wood sealant on the wood floors and finish them with furniture and accessories that enhance its look.