Sliding Doors: Common Problems and Solutions

Sliding glass doors can be quite a hassle to repair. They can also be extremely dangerous if they become jammed. Although glass doors tend to be low maintenance, they can occasionally develop problems that make them unsafe. Here are listed the most common sliding door issues that can arise.

Common Mechanical Problems

According to , the most common sliding door repairs done usually involve checking and cleaning the roller tracks. 

Occasionally, dirt, grease, or metal bits can get stuck in the roller tracks of sliding glass doors, causing them to become sluggish. When this happens, the doors will either not slide as easily or won’t slide at all.

Other factors that cause sliding doors to become sluggish include problems with the hinges and the jambs. If one of these areas is dirty, it might be necessary to clean the area and lubricate it as well. 

This ensures that the hinge area of the door is working correctly, which improves the door’s functionality. If the jambs are also wearing down or have become cracked, a full repair may be necessary as well. 

A roller repair can be a little more involved than other types of repairs, but it doesn’t have to be. For most fixes, you will be able to get a free estimate over the phone or online. 

Problems with Screens

Other common sliding door repairs focus on the glass itself. Glass that has been scratched or marred in some way might be necessary to repair. Many times, glass doors can be brought back into proper alignment by using polishing compounds and glass repair tools. Another option for repairing glass is to replace the entire door. 

A screen door may also need to be repaired from time to time. Many times, the frame of a screen door is damaged, which causes it to slam or have gaps between the panels of glass. Fortunately, repairing a screen door isn’t all that difficult. Often, all you’ll need is a screwdriver, a putty knife and some shims to ensure the repairs fit properly.


Of course, the most frustrating fixes are usually the ones you have to do yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable with replacing the glass, you might decide to try to patch the damage yourself. 

Patching small tears in the material is rarely all that difficult and can often be done in a matter of hours. However, if the damage is far more serious it might require the services of a professional, like All Sliding Door Repairs, to get the job done!

Often, all it takes is a little attention to detail and some patience. Patience is particularly important if you want your sliding glass doors to last for as long as possible, and it’s important to pay attention to their proper maintenance. 

While it’s impossible to completely prevent damage from occurring, you can take steps to keep your rollers working as efficiently as possible.